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On-Screen Editing with Microsoft Word 2007: List of Topics

The 30th anniversary conference took place from June 5 to 7 at the 89 Chestnut Conference Centre in downtown Toronto.

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On-Screen Editing with Microsoft Word 2007: List of Topics

Accessing Functions

  • Office Button
  • Ribbon
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Mini Toolbar

Working with Documents

  • Create, open and save: Create new documents, open existing documents, save and back up files
  • View: Documents in different modes, headings only, zoom, whole page, two parts of a document, two different documents simultaneously, switch between documents
  • Navigate: Display document structure or page and section number, go to a different page, return to last cursor location
  • Print: Print all pages, one page, specific pages or selected text only
  • Customize: Change display of the Ribbon, Mini Toolbar and Quick Access toolbar

Working with Text

  • Select: Select a word, line, sentence, paragraph, entire document, specific amount of text, more than one section of text, or block of text with any horizontal dimension
  • Edit: Cut, copy, paste, delete and move text; find or change a string of text; undo, redo or repeat last action; enter characters not found on keyboard; insert or overwrite text
  • Use text correction tools: Flag and correct errors; specify language, automatic formatting, automatic corrections
  • Access other writing tools: Thesaurus, readability statistics, word count, track time spent working on a document

Working with Track Changes

  • Set Track Changes options: Turn tracking on, specify how tracked changes are displayed
  • Apply tracked changes: Undo a revision, see text with changes incorporated or rejected, cut and paste tracked changes, revise another reviewer's tracked changes, merge tracked changes from different reviewers, enforce the use of tracked changes
  • Use Comments function: Create, view, revise or delete a comment; respond to another reviewer's comment
  • Reviewing tracked changes: View all changes, view only changes made by one reviewer, view only comments; accept or reject revisions systematically, within a block, globally or only those made by one reviewer

Working with Non-Text Elements

  • Headers, footers and page numbers: Add, revise or delete a header, a footer; add and edit page numbers; specify different headers or footers for different sections
  • Table of contents: Create, edit and update a table of contents
  • Other non-text functions: Create a footnote, endnote, cross-reference, watermark; display line numbers in margin; sum the numbers in a table


  • Change styles: Change font, font size, font colour, case; apply style effects, mark text as hidden, highlight text with colour, apply the style of one string of text to another
  • Use built-in styles: Apply built-in styles, select a "gallery" of styles, modify a built-in style, create a new style, display styles
  • Change layout: Create a page break or a section break; set columns; specify orientation, paper size, margins, alignment, indenting, line spacing, space between paragraphs and horizontal space between characters; prevent a unit from breaking across lines; view boundaries of text area
  • Create and edit lists: Create a simple or multi-level list, change indentation, set starting number, right-align list numbers, sort a list

Working with Tables

  • Create and navigate a table: Create, navigate and populate a table; select a cell, a row, a column, entire table; convert text to table or table to text; split or merge a table
  • Work with multi-page tables: Repeat column headings on each page, force a table to break in a particular place, prevent a row from breaking
  • Work with rows, columns and cells: Add a row or column, move a row or column, delete a row or column, adjust height of row, adjust width of column, set column to exactly contain the text within it, make two or more columns the same width, split or merge cells
  • Apply borders and shading: Include or remove table borders, display or hide gridlines, change style of borders, add shading or colour to cells
  • Position text within cells: Centre text horizontally, vertically or both; orient text vertically; align cell entries