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Conference Team

Organizing the annual conference is a major endeavour that requires the talents and dedication of numerous volunteers. Tracking Change: e-Merging Methods and Markets is being brought to you by the following EAC members:

  • Conference Co-Chairs: Nancy Foran and Emily Dockrill Jones
  • Speaker Coordinators: Rachel Stuckey and Shelley Therriault
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Breanne MacDonald
  • Communications Coordinator: Tammy Burns
  • Communications Assistant: Sarah Essak
  • Web Coordinator: Anne Godlewski
  • Social Media Coordinator: Intisar Awisse
  • Sponsorship Coordinators: Michelle Schriver and Glen Ellis
  • Session Host Coordinator: Joanna Odrowaz
  • Toronto Experience Coordinators: Jaclyn Law and Danielle St. Pierre
  • Print Program Coordinator: Boyd Holmes
  • Conference Buddies Coordinator: Betty R. Robinson
  • Billeting Coordinator: Heather Catuiza
  • Vendor Fair Coordinators: Ryan Dunlop and Kelly Lamb
  • Writers and anglophone copyeditors: Emily Chau, Ellen Fleischer, Jennifer Foster, Linda Hilpold, Valerie Lam, Lisa Moses, Tanya Procyshyn, and Janet Williams
  • Translators and francophone copyeditors: Pauline Côté, Valérie Hamel, Sophie Pallotta, Line Potvin, and Josée Roy
  • EAC President: Jacquie Dinsmore
  • Director of Training & Development: Ken Weinberg