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Saturday, June 7

8–8:45 Check in
8:45–9:30 Opening Keynote: Doug Gibson – Auditorium
9:30–9:45 Break
Room Auditorium 211 216 240 241
9:45–10:45 Brave New World: e-Reading, e-Editing, and e-Publishing – Jennifer Latham Faster Editing: Using PerfectIt to Check Consistency and House Style – Daniel Heuman Reading Pictures: How to Edit Graphic Novels – Alison Kooistra Resumé Strategies for the Online Job Search – Pamela Paterson *†Subcontracting: Options, Opportunities, and Risks / La sous-traitance : options, occasions et risques – Michelle Boulton, Elizabeth d'Anjou, Elizabeth Macfie, Carolyne Roy
10:45–11:00 Break
11:00–12:00 How to Achieve Financial Security in Your Business and Personal Life – Philip Boland e-Merging in Social Media to Win Clients – Erin Brenner Beyond the Plain Language Edit – Claire Foley, Tracy Torchetti Tracking Change in Canadian Publishing – Gillian Buckley, Jen Knoch, Alana Wilcox, Noelle Allen New Editorial and Publishing Technologies – Carolyn Brown

Lunch and Learn
Financial Planning for the Professional Editor – Oran Boyle All About Certification: A Q&A Forum – Moira White, Frances Peck *Unconference: The Senior Editor's Roundtable (part 1) – Iva Cheung
1:00–2:00 No Longer Business as Usual: Copyright Issues in e-Merging Methods and Markets – Erin Finlay Every Good e-Book Needs a Good Editor: Demystifying EPUB Structure for Non-coders – Christen Thomas Editors Making Drugs: Your Career in Regulatory Medical Writing – Danielle St. Pierre Le point sur l’Agrément de l’ACR – Sandra Gravel *Working as an In-house Managing Editor – Brooke Smith, Robert Steckling, Tracy Torchetti
2:00–3:00 Break and Annual General Meeting Registration
3:00–5:00 EAC Annual General Meeting
7:00–9:30 Awards Banquet

Sunday, June 8

8:00–9:00 Check in
Room Auditorium 211 216 240 241
9:00–10:00 Career Mojo at Work: Deceptively Simple Strategies for Times of "Crazy Busy" – Eileen Chadnick An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization – Anne Godlewski Our Changing Language: When Does Wrong Become Right? – James Harbeck *†Collaboration: A Key to Success in the Publication Process / La collaboration : la clé du succès dans le processus de publication – Christine Hastie *Dirty Editing: The Collapsing Editorial Process (part 1) – Rosemary Shipton, Sue Earl, Tammy Burns
10:00–10:15 Break
10:15–11:15 Protecting Yourself in Your Digital World: Preventative Maintenance from a Computer Security Perspective – Jeffrey Peck Enlighten Others—and Get Paid for It: How to Launch and Run a Training Business – Graham Young Do You Speak Brand? Learning to Love the Lingo! – Jeannette Hanna Travailler dans l’édition français-langue-seconde – Tanjah Estelle Karoven, Caroline Kloss *Dirty Editing: The Collapsing Editorial Process (part 2) – Rosemary Shipton, Sue Earl, Tammy Burns
11:15–11:30 Break
11:30–12:30 *Advanced Acrobatics: Tips and Tricks for PDF Mark-up – Adrienne Montgomerie Ergonomic Balance: Make Your Workstation Work for Your Life! – Efan Gonsalves, Joseph Trambulo How to Edit a Blog (and When and Why You Should) – Tammy Burns †Editing Translations / Réviser les traductions – Lesley Cameron, Marie-Christine Payette Digital Publishing Opens Up New Opportunities for Pro Editors – Mark Lefebvre

Lunch and Learn
Speed Mentoring (pre-registration required) / Mentorat éclair (préinscription requit) Not-So-Senior Editors: A Q&A for Beginners (open drop-in) – Janet MacMillan
1:30–2:30 An Introduction to Project Management – Julie McKenna XML for Humans: Non-geek Discussion of a Geek-chic Topic – Bernard Aschwanden The No-Year Plan – David Hayes Indigenous Writing and Editing – Lee Maracle The Future of Self-publishing and Editors – Arlene Prunkl, Donna Dawson, Mark Lefebvre, Vanessa Ricci-Thode
2:30–2:45 Break
2:45–3:45 The Taxation of Income Earned from the Provision of Creative Services: An Overview – Thomas Bang, Jason Simon How to Leverage LinkedIn to Showcase Your Editorial Expertise – Leslie Hughes Tabula Rasa: Setting Content Free with Tablet Magazines – Stacey McLeod †Earn More by Working for Free / Les affaires du bénévolat – Carolyn Burke, Jacqueline Dinsmore, Sophie Pallota *Unconference: The Senior Editor's Roundtable (part 2) – Iva Cheung
3:45–4:00 Break
4:00–4:45 Closing Keynote: Terry Fallis – Auditorium


Business and Career Editing 2.0 Editorial Niches Language and Culture Tools and Technology

*The senior editor stream: Sessions marked with an asterisk are aimed at mid-career and senior editors. These sessions have been designed for editors who have experience in the topic or the background to discuss a new topic at a higher level. Editors who have already mastered the fundamentals will find these sessions informative, challenging, and sure to incite some “a-ha” moments. Many of the senior editor sessions and panels are roundtables that will call for attendees to discuss the subject and contribute to the knowledge being shared, so practical knowledge is a definite asset.

†The bilingual stream: Sessions marked with a dagger are aimed at editors who have a working knowledge of both French and English. However, session attendees need not be perfectly fluent in both languages. All that is required is a basic oral understanding of both languages and an open mind. We hope these sessions will give both primarily anglophone and primarily francophone members a chance to meet and network with a wider pool of colleagues.

Volunteer Opportunities

Rub shoulders with the experts by volunteering as an EAC 2014 Conference session host. Contact by May 9 with a list of the sessions that you would like to host and we’ll set you up.

For information on other conference volunteer opportunities, visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.