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Conference Team

Please meet the team for our 2017 conference,
Guardians of the Lexicons:

Co-chairs:  Marsha Fine and Suzanne Purkis
Billeting coordinator:  Sharon Stewart
Communications coordinator:  Alison Larabie Chase
Local experience coordinator:  Kristen Dolenko
Program coordinator:  Ariel Vered
Session host coordinator:  Maurie Barrett
Social media coordinator:  Robin Marwick
Speaker coordinators:  Ann Kennedy and Lois Ross
Speed mentoring coordinator:  Elizabeth Macfie
Sponsorship coordinator Angela MacGovern
Translators:  Benoit Arsenault, Alexandre Dubé-Belzile,  Sophie Pallotta, Stéphanie Robitaille
Volunteer coordinator:  Carole Hubbard (was Nicole Chatelain)
Webmaster:  Emily Theelen