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Session handouts

All our 2017 session handouts are available on Dropbox. Thank you to all of our speakers and attendees!

Download the 2017 conference handouts

List of available handouts

Speed Networking - Elizabeth Macfie

The Nuts and Bolts of Editing Fiction - Amy J. Schneider

The Art of the Query - Ruth Wilson

Blue Pencils Meet Pointy Heads: Editing the Experts - Lorie Boucher

Using Checklists for Effective and Efficient Copyediting and Proofreading - Leslie Saffrey

Sortie de zone de confort : Stratégies de valorisation pour langagiers professionnels - Dominique Bohbot

Editing for Plain Language, Levelled Reading, and Various Reader Profiles: A Scenario Approach - Laura Edlund

Editing Certified: Preparing for the Editors Canada Certification Exams - Anne Brennan, Wendy Carroll, and Jeanne McKane

Editing for Accessibility - Iva Cheung

How to Give Presentations and Speeches - James Harbeck

Introduction to Medical Copy Editing - Kristine Thornley

How to Make Social Media Work for You - Sue Archer, Robin Marwick, and Brendan O'Brien

The Great "That and Which" Hunt - Frances Peck

They Also Serve who Stand and Edit - John McIntyre

Freelance Editing: The Top 10 Things I Wish I Had Known - Elizabeth d'Anjou

When to Break the Rules: Leaving the Style Guide Behind - Jenny Lass

Keep it Simple, Scientists - Leonie Pipe