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Speed Mentoring

Need editorial or career advice? Sign up for speed mentoring, 15-minute one-on-one consultations with some of Editors Canada's most highly regarded editors. This hour-long session is on Sunday, June 11, at 9 a.m.

Speed mentoring offers editors of all experience levels an opportunity for advice and feedback from someone who's been there. Watch for a list of mentors and their specialties, coming soon. Reserve your spot at

How to sign up for speed mentoring

  1. You must be registered for the conference to schedule a speed mentoring consultation.
  2. Sign up for speed mentoring when you register, OR send your request to, with "Speed Mentoring" in the subject line. The deadline to sign up is Thursday, June 1.
  3. Tell us who your top three speed mentors are, in order of preference. We'll accommodate as many first choices as possible.
  4. Let us know if you'd like to talk to more than one speed mentor. We may be able to book up to three consultations for you if schedules allow. Speed mentors will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Before the conference, we'll email you your speed mentoring schedule. To make the most of your speed mentoring experience, come prepared with specific questions.

Our speed mentors and their specialties

Erin Brenner

Erin Brenner has been a publishing professional for two decades and currently runs two companies. Right Touch Editing is her editorial services company, which caters to businesses and self-publishing authors. Copyediting is a brand that offers skills and career support for copy editors. In addition, she teaches in UC San Diego’s Copyediting Certificate Program and is a frequent speaker at editing-related conferences. She can advise on:

  • running a freelance business
  • improving your editing skills
  • using social media to market your business
  • writing marketing copy for your website
  • editing business copy
  • training other copy editors

Language: English

Sandra Gravel

Sandra Gravel évolue dans le domaine des communications depuis plus de 17 ans. Elle est consultante, formatrice, rédactrice agréée, réviseure linguistique et auteure du livre Travailleur autonome et entrepreneur : Soignez vos écrits – Améliorez vos affaires. Elle aime particulièrement aider les entrepreneurs à optimiser leur communication écrite. Son expérience est dans

  • le domaine communautaire
  • l’édition de magazine
  • en gestion des communications à la fonction publique

Langue : Français

Anita Jenkins

Now retired, Anita Jenkins operated a successful home-based writing and editing business in Edmonton from 1991 to 2008. Her clients included the provincial and city governments, school boards, universities, colleges, hospitals and Aboriginal organizations. She joined Editors Canada in 1996, when the Prairie Provinces branch was formed. Her EAC roles have included chair of the PPB, co-editor of Active Voice and national vice-president, and in 2008 she was named an honorary life member. 

Marie-Christine Payette

Marie-Christine Payette has a background as an English-to-French translator and ESL and FSL teacher. She started her own business in 2011 and is offering French editing, proofreading, comparative editing and EN-FR translation. Since joining Editors Canada, she volunteered as a translator, editor, speaker, session host, and director of Francophone Affairs on the NEC and learned a great deal. Lately, she developed new areas of expertise, adding to her background as a language professional. She can advise on:

  • concordance editing and/or working on translations
  • Francophone editing 
  • working as a freelancer 
  • academic & YA editing 
  • serving on the NEC 
  • volunteering for Editors Canada 
  • networking
  • working as a remote language professional

Languages: English, French, Spanish 

Leonie Pipe

Leonie Pipe started editing for an outsourcer just after completing her PhD. She became disillusioned with academia after failing to secure post-doctoral funding, and realizing that writing grants and lurching from one post-doc to another was not what she wanted in life. She was hoping to get into editing full time, but the outsourcer could not supply her with enough work. Then a second outsourcer contacted her through LinkedIn, and she is now engaged in full-time editing. Although the work has overwhelmed her at times, she loves editing and has no desire to be doing anything else. She can advise on:

  • scientific editing
  • how to edit a broad range of topics
  • coping with negative feedback
  • choosing between having your own business and charging the rates you want, but having to promote yourself and risking the "feast or famine" syndrome, or working for an outsourcer, which guarantees a steady stream of work without promotional input on your part, but pays a lower rate
  • the benefits of joining editing groups
  • the challenges of working from home and facing distractions
  • the importance of quality
  • the importance of finding "me" time and avoiding burnout 

Language: English

Moira White

Moira White has three decades of experience in plain language editing, writing, and teaching for government and corporate clients. She has managed onsite production of reports in Canada, the United States and Europe; has travelled across Canada with public consultations writing, editing and producing reports; and has synthesized the work of multiple authors. Moira is a past president (2007–2009 and 2014–2015) of Editors Canada and recently co-chaired the standards task force. She can advise on:

  • moving from in-house to freelance editing
  • editing for government
  • editing for corporations
  • plain language writing and editing
  • diversifying your business
  • teaching and training: both online and in person
  • continuous learning