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Conference Buddies

Sign Up for Conference Buddies

If you’re interested in being a conference buddy, or if you want to help your fellow editors by volunteering as a lead, please sign up for the conference buddies program during your online registration.

If you missed signing up during registration, no problem! Just send an email to

The conference is just around the corner, and you may be asking yourself what could help make your conference experience the best it could be?

How about attending the conference with new editor friends!

Our conference buddies program is for those of you who are excited about going to the conference, but feel a bit unsure because you won’t know anyone there. It’s also for those of you who know plenty of fellow colleagues, but who wouldn’t mind meeting new people in a zero-pressure way.

If you sign up as a conference buddy, you will be matched with other buddy editors into a small group, which will include a conference buddy lead and at least one editor who is familiar with the Saskatoon area. Conference buddies allows you to be introduced to other editors in advance, so that you already know a few friendly faces when you arrive at conference.

Once you’re at the conference, you can meet up with your group at the conference buddies station and decide how you want to spend your time together. You could all start the day together over breakfast, or maybe go as a group to see Saskatoon’s 8 beautiful bridges. It’s entirely up to you! Our conference buddies coordinator Alyssa Di Lazzaro will be on hand throughout the conference in case you need any assistance.

See you at the conference!