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Session Materials

Digital Swag Bag

Visit our Digital Swag Bag to get more resources and discount codes from our speakers and sponsors! Available to attendees only.

Some of our 2018 session handouts and presentations are available on Dropbox. You can view and download these.

More materials will be available to conference attendees through the Digital Swag Bag.


List of available handouts

  • Are You Certifiable? - Leslie Saffrey
  • Avoiding and Overcoming Mistakes at Work - Jenny Lass
  • Editing Science: Helping Communicate to Scientists, Policy-Makers and the Public - Carolyn Brown
  • Working with Virtual Teams - Barbori Garnet and Leonie Pipe
  • Beyond Italics - James Harbeck
  • Editing Grant Proposals - Stan Backs
  • Proactive Editing: Teaching Plain English to Staff Writers - Aaron Dalton
  • Checklist for Self-Publishers - Naomi Pauls
  • Resources for Editors - Naomi Pauls

List of available presentations

  • Avoiding and Overcoming Mistakes at Work - Jenny Lass
  • Editing Grant Proposals - Stan Backs
  • Editing Out Loud - Michelle Waitzman
  • Global View of Plain Language - Kate Harrison Whiteside
  • Making Science Understandable to the General Audience - Jana Goldman

Also added: GIlles Vilasco - Tom Fairley Award acceptance speech

Download the 2018 conference handouts


Thank you to all of our speakers and attendees!