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Conference Buddies

Sign Up for Conference Buddies

If you’re interested in being a conference buddy, or if you want to help out by volunteering as a lead, please sign up for the conference buddies program during your online registration.

If you missed signing up, or have any questions, no problem! Just send an email to Conference Buddies coordinator Leslie Lapides at

Are you excited about the idea of going to the conference, but feeling a bit hesitant because you won’t know anyone there? Are you keen to meet other editors, but not really sure how to go about it? Our conference buddies program is for you!

This popular program was developed several years ago to help support editors who are new to our conference or who want to be introduced to colleagues in a comfortable, no-pressure way. If you sign up as a conference buddy, you will be matched with other buddy editors into a small group.

The group will be organized by either the type of editing you do or what you hope to learn the most about at the conference.

It will include a conference buddy lead and at least one editor who is familiar with the Halifax area. You’ll have the chance to introduce yourself and chat with your group in advance through email so you can arrive at the conference already knowing some other editors.

Once you’re at the conference, you can meet up with your group at the Conference Buddies station and decide how you want to spend your time together. Maybe you’d like to have breakfast together, visit some of the local sights or sit together at sessions. It’s entirely up to you! Our Conference Buddies coordinator Leslie Lapides will be on hand throughout the conference in case you need any assistance.

See you at the conference!