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Speed Mentoring

Need editorial or career advice? Speed mentoring offers editors with all levels of experience an opportunity to receive advice and feedback from some of Editors Canada’s most highly regarded editors.

Check out this year’s speed mentors and their areas of expertise. Reserve your mentee spot by Monday, June 3, 2019.


How to reserve your “mentee spot” for speed mentoring

  • Sign up for speed mentoring when you register OR send your request to, with "Speed Mentoring" in the subject line.
  • List your top three speed mentors in order of preference. We’ll do our best to accommodate as many of your choices as possible.


Please note

  • You must be registered for the conference to sign up for speed mentoring.
  • Speed mentors will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • We may be able to book up to three 15-minute consultations.
  • We’ll email your speed-mentoring schedule before the conference.
  • To make the most of your experience, come prepared with specific questions.
  • Speed mentoring will happen on Sunday, June 9, from 2:15–3:15pm in Harbour Suite B.


Patti Simmons & Shelley Egan


Our speed mentors and their specialties


Erin Brenner - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2019 SpeakerErin Brenner has been freelancing for a decade, writing and editing for clients and training editors and other communications professionals. Before that, she worked in-house at a direct mail agency, a marketing research firm, and an online publication.

Erin can advise on:

  • getting started in freelancing
  • advancing in freelancing (e.g., offering new products/services, expanding the business model)
  • training editors
  • training communications professionals (e.g., teaching a company's team to write more persuasively)

Language: English




Julia Cochrane - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2019 MentorJulia Cochrane has been a freelance copy-editor and proofreader since 1995. She lives in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, with her husband and three cats.


Julia can advise on:

  • freelancing
  • copy-editing and proofreading textbooks
  • academic editing
  • niches

Language: English






Janice Dyer - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2019 MentorJanice Dyer is a self-employed certified professional editor with over 20 years of experience in editing, writing, and project management. She specializes in educational and health care materials, including textbooks, online courses, and teachers' guides. She also edits a wide range of materials for governmental, research, and not-for-profit organizations. To maintain a work-life balance, she spends time with family and friends, walks her dog, read, goes to movies, and binge-watches Netflix.

Janice can advise on:

  • preparing for Editors Canada certification exams
  • creating a profile for Editors Canada’s Online Directory of Editors or LinkedIn
  • resume development
  • freelance editing—starting, running, and building a business; finding clients; record-keeping; editing rates…
  • editing for educational publishers (school and higher-ed)
  • editing for the health care sector
  • feedback on editing issues, skills, concerns…

Language: English


Cathy McPhalen - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2019 SpeakerCathy McPhalen works with science, engineering, and medical researchers to tell their research stories effectively—the right words for the right audiences. She works with clients across Canada (and occasionally abroad).


Cathy can advise on:

  • academic editing (medical, science, engineering)
  • editing funding proposals and grant applications
  • the business of freelance editing
  • editing research manuscripts for journal publication
  • coaching and teaching academic writing


Language: English




Marie-Christine Payette - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2018 MentorMarie-Christine Payette has a background as an English-to-French translator and ESL and FSL teacher. She started her own business in 2011 and offers French editing, proofreading, comparative editing, and EN-FR translation. Since joining Editors Canada, she has volunteered as a translator, editor, speaker, session host, and director of Francophone Affairs on the National Executive Council (NEC) and has learned a great deal. Lately, she has developed new areas of expertise, adding to her background as a language professional.

Marie-Christine can advise on:

  • concordance editing and/or working on translations
  • Francophone editing 
  • working as a freelancer
  • volunteering for Editors Canada, including serving on the NEC
  • networking
  • how to find new clients/contracts
  • working as a remote language professional

Languages: English, French



laura poole pre-conference speaker 2019 EAC HalifaxLaura Poole has been a freelance editor for over 20 years. She specializes in scholarly nonfiction copy-editing, training and coaching editors in running a successful freelance business, crafting work-life balance, and growing beyond a simple "do work, get paid" work plan.


Laura can advise on:

  • growing an existing freelance business (next steps)
  • work-life balance for freelancers
  • anything freelance-related that doesn't involve regulations or taxes (not being a Canadian, and all...)


Language: English





Marion Soubliere - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2019 SpeakerMarion Soublière is a writer and editor with many years' experience in communications, journalism, and public relations. She runs her own business managing communications projects from concept to final product. She has particular expertise in Indigenous and northern Canadian issues and Government of Canada procurement policies.

Marion can advise on:

  • understanding the Government of Canada procurement process and winning contracts
  • getting government security clearance
  • marketing your business to government clients on an ongoing basis
  • running your own writing and editing business
  • Editors Canada certification
  • professional associations (e.g. Professional Writers Association of Canada)
  • writing a professional blog

            Languages: English, French


Gael Spivak - Editors Canada Annual Conference 2019 SpeakerGael Spivak works in communications for the federal government. She specializes in plain-language writing and editing, and has worked on topics from food safety and biotechnology to ethics and government. She is the current president of Editors Canada and has held numerous volunteer positions in the association.

Gael can advise on:

  • plain-language writing and editing
  • the singular “they”
  • working with government, working in government
  • working with scientists
  • using volunteering to achieve professional development goals
  • using social media to get free training
  • networking as an introvert
  • writing, editing, and using policy and procedure documents

Language: English