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Conference Team

Please meet the team for our 2020 conference:

Chairs: Gael Spivak and Breanne MacDonald
Conference coordinator (staff): Caitlin Stewart
Billeting coordinator: Erin Secord
Communications coordinator: Suzanne Purkis
Conference buddies coordinator: Robin Marwick
Local experience coordinator: Traci Williams and Sophie Pallotta
Program coordinator: Breanne MacDonald
Social media coordinator: Alison Larabie Chase
Speaker coordinators: Alicia Homer and Jahleen Turnbull-Sousa
Speed mentoring coordinator: Diana Byron
Sponsorship coordinators: Magalie Allard and Faith Fishley
Vendor fair coordinator: Charles Roy
Volunteer coordinator: Patricia MacDonald
Session hosts coordinator: Amanda Clarke
Webmaster: Raya P. Morrison
Translator: Sophie Pallotta
Junior conference adviser: Greg Ioannou

Interested in volunteering for the conference?