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Remote proctoring

When the certification steering committee began its Refresh in 2019, one of the big dreams was to find a way to offer the professional certification exams on a fully remote basis, so that candidates could write the exams on their own computers, at home, from anywhere, without having to travel to an on-site exam centre. For obvious reasons, this dream ramped up significantly when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

We're pleased to announce that we've teamed up with Uxpertise, a Quebec-based company that provides educational technology solutions. Uxpertise has developed a platform that will allow us to run our exams online while maintaining security and integrity, through a combination of auto-proctoring and software-blocking.

This is a different way of running the certification exams, of course, and while we hope that for most candidates, our partnership with Uxpertise will provide a convenient, safe and comfortable way to write the exam, we understand that it might not be for everyone.

So, we ask that you review the following details carefully. If you’re uncomfortable with any aspect of the remote proctoring process, or you’re unable to fulfill any of the requirements — for example, you don’t have stable Internet access, or a web cam, or you have online-only access to Microsoft Word (via Office 365) or Adobe Acrobat Reader — then you may wish to apply for our traditional “remote testing” option instead. This means you arrange your own exam location and a suitable invigilator— email us for details or visit the Remote Locations section of the certification web page.

Remote proctoring via Uxpertise works as follows:

  • On 20 November 2021, you’ll write the Proofreading or Structural Editing exam on your own computer, at home. It’s fine to use either a Mac or a Windows computer. You’ll be given access to a special app called Uxpertise XP, which will allow you to download the exam file to your own computer, work on it, and re-upload it. The app also acts as a proctor while you work on the exam.
  • Before the exam, we’ll send an email inviting you to create an account on Uxpertise and download the app. We strongly recommend that you download the app in advance and read the Uxpertise instructions carefully before exam day, so that you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible.
  • The exam will be auto-proctored: No human proctor will watch you while you’re taking the exam, but the session will be recorded (your computer desktop, webcam view and audio) and reviewed for any security issues — you won’t be allowed to use a phone or browser during the exam, or have anyone in the room with you.
  • On exam day, before you can access the exam file, you’ll need to show photo ID (e.g., a driver’s licence). You’ll also need to show the camera your glasses (if applicable) and your ears and sleeves. Your photo will be taken. You’ll need to use your webcam to scan the room where you’re writing the exam (walls, ceiling, floor, desk), to show the system you’re alone in the room. The software will record your biometrics, monitor your keystrokes, and monitor other software on your computer. (A note on privacy: all data are stored on Microsoft Azure servers in Quebec with a redundancy center in Toronto. User data are kept on file for 1 week unless there is an issue with the session and recordings need to be reviewed for a longer period. Uxpertise’s full privacy policy is available at this link.)
  • Note that you won’t be able to use a second monitor during the exam.
  • The app will automatically shut down all software currently running on your machine, except for the allowed software.
  • You'll be allowed to access only certain software during the exam: Microsoft Word for the Structural Editing exam, or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (or Standard or Pro DC, if you have subscriptions to these) for Proofreading. You'll need to have Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your own computer. Because you won’t be allowed to access the Internet, if you have a subscription to Office 365, please ensure that you’ve downloaded Microsoft Word and are working on it on your hard drive, NOT via a browser. Trying to use Office 365 online will not work, unfortunately.

If you have any questions regarding remote proctoring, or you require any accommodations, please contact