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Welcome to the Barrie twig of Editors Canada!

Editors Barrie launched as an official twig on September 27, 2018. Founded by Jacqui Woods-Powell (faculty member at Georgian College) and JJ Wilson (faculty member and long-standing editor), there was recognition of the need for professional development opportunities in the Simcoe-Muskoka region. While southern and GTA counterparts have long enjoyed the benefits of membership with Editors Canada, northern dwellers can now discover community, networking opportunities, and professional standards through association with Editors Barrie; we represent a young vibrant twig of Editors Canada. Students comprise the mainstay of our attendees, as the twig is rooted in the Georgian College community and a graduate certificate in Communications and Professional Writing. To date we have offered guest speakers on a range of topics from next steps in publishing and realistic journalism writing to gender neutral pronouns and grammar basics. This is an organization that knows how to have fun!

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Jacqui Woods-Powell is a new member of Editors Canada. She has been serving as a Twig co-ordinator for Editors Barrie since September 2017 when it launched. Jacqui takes an active interest in academic and professional development. She currently coordinates the graduate certificate program in Communications and Professional Writing. Combined with her experience as an instructor for college communication courses, Jacqui understands the value of professional development. Through association and engagement with Editors Barrie/Canada, her goal is to help students to develop writing and editing skills, tap into existing professional networks, and advance their skill-sets. Jacqui brings sixteen years of academic experience, a keen love of words, and a knack for research and content generation to the table.

JJ Wilson is a professional editor living and working in the Barrie area. As a former Georgian College instructor in the Communications and Professional Writing program, JJ continues to foster an interest in student development and education. Demonstrating a commitment to professional development, JJ is a founding member of Editors Barrie, a smaller and locally-focused office of Editors Canada that is dedicated to providing vibrant speakers and creating networking opportunities for professionals. JJ works as a freelance writer and editor concentrating on writing operation instructions and manuals for medical equipment, writing content for intermediate mathematic textbooks, and editing promotional materials for small businesses. In her spare time, JJ is now completing her first novel.