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Writing Strategic Briefing Notes


This seminar will teach you how to write strategic briefing notes, i.e., those that provide the right information in the right way for decision-makers.

Decision makers have little time, so you need to convey only essential information, a task easier said than done. However, by dividing the writing process into manageable steps, this seminar will equip you to compose briefing notes that meet the needs of a time-pressed, senior audience.

The seminar contains four sections. First, we discuss the parts of briefing notes and the roles these parts play. Here we also consider templates and review the characteristics of effective briefing notes. Second, using a real-life case study, we address the importance of planning, which involves clarifying your purpose, analyzing your reader, and acknowledging your deadlines. Third, we examine how to select and organize content to meet your objectives and your reader’s needs. And finally, we discuss how to compose effective summaries.

Note that this seminar does not cover grammar or writing style. Instead, the seminar concentrates on the strategic aspects of writing briefing notes.

At the end of this seminar, you will be able to identify the parts of briefing notes, understand how to structure these parts using targeted content, and arrange ideas to help busy decision makers quickly understand issues and, if necessary, act.

Topics covered in this seminar are

  • the three parts of a briefing note
  • the characteristics of a good briefing note
  • common errors that briefing-note writers make
  • the five steps to writing effective briefing notes
  • planning a briefing note
  • outlining a briefing note
  • writing the summary of a briefing note
  • ten rules for writing briefing notes

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