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Editors take pride in their work and we want the rest of the world to, as well. 

Editors Canada is proud to offer over $7,000 in awards and scholarships as recognition for editing talent and dedication. The cash awards are made possible by Editors Canada and its generous donors. 

Honorary life membership is awarded to those who have made exceptional contributions to the association. 

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Editors Canada 2022 Awards Ceremony

In June 2022, Editors Canada hosted its first ever virtual awards ceremony—and its first awards ceremony since 2019! It was a fabulous opportunity to recognize the distinguished editors who were Editors Canada awards recipients and nominees.

Support Editors Canada's awards

Help to support Editors Canada awards! We invite you to contribute to these awards that honour the outstanding editors and students in our midst.

Donate online now.

We also welcome donations by cheque. Please make your donation payable to "Editors' Association of Canada" with the name of the award written on the memo line.

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