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Social Media Primer

What's a hashtag? How do I compose a Tweet?

New to social media, but want to take part in the campaign? We have you covered!

Check out our primer for a crash course on how to use social media and start engaging online.

Thanks for your participation!

For three weeks in October 2013 we piloted a social media campaign to promote hiring an editor. The details of that campaign follow on this page. Over the course of the campaign, we ran ads geared toward hiring managers in the finance and IT sectors and encouraged editors to take part in daily #hireaneditor discussions. We learned a lot about the editors in our network.

  • We work on projects as varied as crossword puzzles, federal government communications and speeches, and in industries as diverse as science, sports and international relations.
  • We are former lawyers, teachers, writers and reporters who found a niche in the magic that happens behind the scenes.
  • We are constantly learning to improve our skills and we are indebted to the mentors who helped us to find our true calling.
  • We understand the challenges in creating the best communication possible. We strive to ensure that our clients and employers look great.

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Thanks to all who took part in the daily discussions and pushed the #hireaneditor message forward. It was a treat to watch the clout (and Klout scores) of our active participants climb.

The supporting ad campaign directed at hiring managers will continue. In the meantime, you can do your part to raise the profile of the editing profession. Keep spreading the word about the importance of hiring editors. We encourage you to make the #hireaneditor hashtag your own.

#hireaneditor 2013

As editors, we know how vital our role is in effective communication. This fall we'll get the word out to hiring managers about the value editors add to their organizations. How can they prevent costly errors? What are the benefits of hiring an editor?

Let's demonstrate our expertise. Let's get hiring managers thinking about employing editors to fill the skills gaps in their organizations.

Let's motivate them to add new editorial staff to their 2014 recruitment plans.


The campaign

In October we're running a pilot social media campaign to promote hiring an editor. Together with a marketing and communications agency, we've developed a campaign that empowers you and your editing colleagues to promote the benefits of hiring professional editors.

This is an English-language pilot campaign aimed at promoting editorial services to hiring managers in the financial services and information technology industries. This targeted approach gives us the best bang for our buck and the opportunity to make the biggest impact.

The social media component of #hireaneditor is supported by an agency-managed online advertising campaign directed at hiring managers in finance and IT.



  1. Communication Matters: Hire an EditorTo encourage hiring managers in financial services and IT to add new editorial staff (both in-house and freelance) to their 2014 recruitment plans by promoting the value editors add to their organizations.
  2. To increase postings to the Editors Canada National Job Board by target employers.
  3. To drive more traffic to Editors Canada's Online Directory of Editors.
  4. To enhance the status of the editing profession.
  5. To raise the profile of Editors' Association of Canada.
  6. To establish positive feedback from Editors Canada's membership on the execution and results of the campaign.
  7. To establish a positive benchmark for executing marketing campaigns. If we're successful, we'll know we're on the right track. We'll know we need to put more resources into running larger-scale, fully bilingual campaigns in the future.

Method: Plug in and promote

1. Follow Editors Canada on social media. That's our #hireaneditor home base.

Join our LinkedIn group.
Like us on Facebook.
Follow us on Twitter.

2. Share and retweet.

Editors Canada will generate #hireaneditor discussion. Don't sit on the sidelines and just "like" or "favorite" what you see. Spread the word and join the conversation!

3. Make the messages your own.

Here are several #hireaneditor messages we created for you to share with your network. Send them out as is, or tweak them to make them your own.

4. Take part in the discussions that arise.

Using your own social media channels, you'll act as a #hireaneditor brand ambassador. By actively participating in the campaign, you'll not only help to raise the profile of the editing profession, you'll publicize your own qualifications as an editor.

5. Encourage your editing colleagues to join the campaign.

The bigger the campaign, the greater our reach will be.


Your participation is the key to the growth of the editing industry, whether you're looking for work now or will be in the future.

Want to find more paid work for editors? Your participation is the key to making the campaign a success. By sending the key #hireaneditor messages through your network, you'll help to show hiring managers the value and importance of the work editors do.

Every editor has a vested interest in this campaign—whether you're looking for editing work now, will be in the future, or you're winding down your career but still advocate for the editing profession. By actively participating, you will contribute to the growth of the editing industry.

Let's show the world that quality matters.