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2011 Recipients of the Lee d'Anjou Volunteer of the Year Award and President's Award for Volunteer Service

Lee d'Anjou Volunteer of the Year Award

Adrienne Montgomerie

Adrienne Montgomerie, winner of the EAC's 2011 Lee d'Anjou Volunteer of the Year Award, is recognized for her tireless dedication and enthusiasm in launching a new Kingston, Ontario-based EAC twig. She was an integral part of its development, from conception through to recruiting volunteers and organizing regular meetings and guest speakers.

"Adrienne's willingness to put in hours of volunteer work has transformed the lives of editors in and around Kingston," said EAC president Michelle Boulton.

For Adrienne, the highlight of starting the twig has been the sense of diversity and community it offers. "[The] people are the fun part," she said.

Adrienne has also written newsletter articles, edited the EAC's recently updated Copy Editing: Meeting Professional Editorial Standards and is heading up the association's website revitalization task force. She is also a Certified Copy Editor.

Montgomerie's award was announced at the EAC's conference on May 28 in Vancouver.

President's Award

Theresa Agnew

Theresa Agnew became a freelance writer and editor in 2000. Much of her freelance work involves writing and editing educational and training materials. She also seeks out contracts that reflect her personal interests in active living, diverse communities and sustainability issues.

When Theresa joined the EAC in 2000, the Prairie Provinces branch was going through a difficult period with too few members doing too much work. She offered to chair the branch's board's program committee, and, after eight successful years in that role, she took on the position of Prairie Provinces branch chair. Since then, Theresa has been involved in numerous volunteer activities, including coordinating a series of readings by local Edmonton editors and co-chairing the EAC national conference in Edmonton in 2008.

Theresa is the type of person every organization hopes to have: clear-thinking, hard-working, committed and fun to be with. She is a great communicator, organizer, promoter and recruiter. Her initiatives have revived the Prairie Provinces branch, and her enthusiasm has drawn other members to volunteer.

Susan Bond Hurka

Susan Bond Hurka discovered EAC in 2003 when she took an Eight Step Editing workshop in Saskatoon. She realized that 90% of her job—creative director of a print publishing company—involved some form of editing. Susan joined EAC in 2004 and, with a vanload of executive members, went to the national conference in Calgary. Guess what happened? 

Susan served on the local executive for seven years and helped the twig of the Prairie Provinces branch transform into the Saskatchewan branch. Her writing and organizing skills, her stamina for attending meetings and her great ideas have helped the Saskatchewan branch thrive.  

During those seven years, Susan's career went through a metamorphosis of its own. When the publishing company was winding down, she started her own company, Fulcrum Editorial Inc. She freelanced for five years, editing for print and web. In 2010, her biggest client, an interactive web design agency, hired her as their content strategist. She creates functional, user-friendly web content that meets clients' business goals and users' objectives.

Donna Dawson, Certified Professional Editor

Donna Dawson has been a freelance copy editor, proofreader and EAC member since 1996. She works primarily on medical and health information for consumers and professionals and on business and financial material. She has also worked for clients in fields ranging from theatre to education.
Donna has taken advantage of the learning and networking opportunities EAC offers—she was one of the first editors to achieve EAC certification in proofreading and copy editing—and she has been an active volunteer. Donna led the Toronto branch's mentorship program through its infancy in 2009, and now the toddler is up and running and continuing to grow thanks to Donna's ongoing guidance.

In the December 2008 edition of Active Voice, she posed the question, "Are you certifiable?" in an article that described her certification experience. Since then she has been a member of the certification program's credential maintenance subcommittee and has helped revise the Proofreading section of Meeting Professional Editorial Standards.

Volunteers such as Donna, whose efforts benefit both new and experienced editors, help EAC thrive.

Marlene Dong

Longtime writer and editor Marlene Dong, from Vancouver, BC, has served as EAC's conference communications co-chair since June 2010. Once on board, she put together a strategic and comprehensive communications plan that included a detailed budget and a social media marketing component. She does her utmost to ensure conference communications are both strategic and professional, representing the association in the best possible way.

Marlene has done volunteer work in some capacity all her life, and firmly believes that "it's one of the best ways to network and learn." She volunteered as communications coordinator for EAC's 2011 conference as a way of utilizing her range of skills and knowledge to showcase her writing, editing and communications skills.

Marlene also works as a communications officer for BC's largest undergraduate institution, Langara College. Before that, she worked from home for over nine years as a communications consultant specializing in writing and editing services.

Frances Peck

Frances Peck has been working with words for over 20 years as an editor, a writer and a teacher. A partner with West Coast Editorial Associates, she deals with print and web-based material on a wide range of topics. She teaches editing at Simon Fraser University and Douglas College, writes a regular column for the journal Language Update, and gives workshops across Canada for writers, translators, and editing groups.

The workshops Frances conducts for the EAC benefit both up-and-coming and experienced editors. Whether we're perplexed about the finer points of punctuation or flustered by functional shifts, she helps us find the answers we need.

Frances has been an active EAC volunteer for many years. She helped create the certification pilot tests in 2001, led the first marking teams and later chaired the certification steering committee. She also chaired the committee that spent three years revising our Professional Editorial Standards and continues to play an advisory role in overseeing this new document. Frances's excellent work in these demanding volunteer positions has helped strengthen the Canadian editing community.

Nathalie Vallière

Nathalie Vallière has been an active part of the renaissance of the French section of the Quebec/Atlantic Canada branch. The branch had not held workshops or presentations in French for nearly two years, but after the EAC's 2010 conference in Montreal, Nathalie successfully took on the challenge of organizing professional development workshops, which generated interest among French EAC members and non-members in the Montreal region.

Nathalie says that her main motivation is that "if we want our work as editors to be recognized, we need to make sure that we are as competent as we can be. Getting training is a way of keeping track of our knowledge, improving it and sharing it with other colleagues."

Nathalie worked as an in-house editor for a publishing house for 16 years and now has her own freelance business.

The francophone members of QAC thank Nathalie for her contribution to the association.

Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson has made extensive volunteer contributions to the EAC. She is a member and past chair of the certification steering committee and a member of the professional standards committee.

When asked to help with the 2008 Standards revision, she didn't hesitate, taking time away from her work and family to sequester herself in a retreat facility for a week, then continuing for months afterward to contribute to the seemingly endless stream of email revisions and collaboration.

From North Vancouver, BC, Ruth worked in-house for 16 years and then moved to freelancing. Shortly after, she was invited into West Coast Editorial Associates. She edits a variety of materials and also teaches workshops.

Ruth has been a member of the EAC since the early 1980s. She has collaboratively, consistently and effectively contributed to the development of the EAC and the editing profession in Canada, bringing great intelligence and vision to her volunteer work.

Holly Yoos

Holly Yoos is a web content writer, an editor and social media consultant who specializes in business communications. She brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to EAC including over 4 years of business communications experience and 21 years of business experience. She has a certificate in business communications and professional writing from Simon Fraser University, a masters certificate in project management, a master's degree in archival studies and a bachelor of arts degree.

Holly joined EAC's BC branch in March 2010. But this new member didn't sit back and test the waters: she cannonballed into the deep end of the volunteer pool by taking the demanding role of speaker coordinator EAC's 2011 conference. She did an excellent job coordinating the speakers committee and liaising with the conference committee. Her enthusiasm and professionalism contributed greatly to the conference's success.


Profiles of past winners prepared by EAC member volunteers Rhonda Skinner and Anna Williams.