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Margaux Yiu

155 Dalhousie Street, Suite 1043
Toronto, ON M5B 2P7
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I’m Margaux Yiu, owner of Bright Medusa Edits, and I edit fiction for self-publishing authors but also a wide range of publications: board game and RPG rulebooks, websites, business reports, technical writing, and other publications. 

If you’re a fiction author, I relish helping you solve story structure, characterization, dialogue, point of view, and plot issues in your manuscript. 

Clear, expressive writing is my aspiration for your writing, so stylistic editing is my pleasure. If grammar and punctuation is not your strong suit, don’t worry; it’s mine.

As a multipotentialite, I read across a huge range of topics from animal behaviour to particle physics, rowing training to baking chemistry, African history to board game design, current events to Gilgamesh. Whatever your topic, I am happy to add it to my knowledge base.

I am pursuing Writing & Rhetoric and Creative Expression & Society minors at University of Toronto and Publishing certification at X University.