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Editors who have achieved the Editing Essentials qualification

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The following editors have successfully completed the Editors Canada Editing Essentials test and have given consent to have their names listed on this page.

  • Evi Anthonissen
  • Nora Ashdade
  • Ailis Baker
  • Susan Bendror
  • Ali Cayetano
  • May Cheng
  • S. Christensen
  • Monica Craig
  • Jackie Davis
  • Kaila Desjardins
  • Alex Elcombe
  • Katherine Evans
  • Cassandra Filice
  • Susan Filyer
  • Kathleen Foxx
  • Candice Goodchild
  • A. Gordon
  • Libby Graham
  • Kaylee Hilling
  • Wayne Jones
  • Ginny Leuty
  • Annya Linfoote
  • Jose Melendez
  • Connie Miazga
  • Anastasia Organ
  • Andrew Park
  • Brock Peters
  • Mary Anne Roche

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