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If you're an editor or you think you have what it takes to become one...

Join the Editors' Association of Canada! We can put you in touch with more than 1,500 other editors across the country, offer you discounts on training opportunities and resources, help you connect with clients and employers, and give you opportunities to develop your skills.

If you produce any kind of written communication...

Hire an EAC editor to help you say what you mean. An editor can help make your message clear, correct, attractive and appropriate to your market. EAC editors work on all kinds of communication projects, from personal resumés to corporate reports, from neighbourhood newsletters to best-selling books. An editor can make your life easier.

Consulter le site de l'Association canadienne des réviseurs en français.

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Editing Canadian English

EAC is pleased to announce the launch of the much anticipated third edition of Editing Canadian English, the essential reference for Canadian editors and writers.

Editing Goes Global

Registration is now open for EAC's first international conference of editors.

Say hello to Editors Canada

We're rebranding! Want a sneak peek of things to come? Download our branding presentation (PDF, 724 KB) for the story.