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Ambrose Li

EAC Volunteer Participation

  • Conference (2015)
  • Toronto Branch (2015)


Typesetting, copy editing (English), translation (Chinese to English) / Mise en page, révision en anglais, traduction du chinois à l’anglais

– Knowledge of English and Chinese typography; basic knowledge of French typographic conventions (Ramat 2012)

– Facility with markup languages including LaTeX and HTML

– Experience in translating and comparative editing between Chinese and English

– Knowledge of APA citation style

– Familiarity with differences between Catholic and Protestant terminologies in Chinese

– Familiarity with ceramics terminology (although no longer a practising artist)

Note about Chinese:

You might have heard about “traditional Chinese” and “simplified Chinese”; you might not know that these are not languages, but rather “scripts” that are more akin to spelling. However, simplified Chinese is closely related to the Chinese used in mainland China, so in most cases you can equate it with a particular regional variety—the form of Chinese as written in China, which is quite different from Chinese used in other regions. On the other hand, traditional Chinese, as a script system (again, think of it as spelling) is mainly associated with both Chinese (Taiwan) and Chinese (Hong Kong), so it is quite incorrect to associate traditional Chinese with one regional variety. Just like Canadian English and American English are different, traditional Chinese (Taiwan) and traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) can be quite different, though it is often possible to write in a way that sidesteps these differences. As Canada accepts immigrants from all regions, there is often no such thing as a single “Chinese translation”, or even a single “translation into traditional Chinese” that will sound native to all Chinese speakers without associating your translation with a particular region.

The version of written Chinese I can natively work with is traditional Chinese (Hong Kong).

I prefer to not take any work that involves simplified Chinese. As the language is quite different, it will not be appropriate for me to handle such texts.